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Mountain Bike Bill, Get the Dirt on the Dirt

Norcal Trip 2007

The Summer of 2007 brought another opportunity break out of my normal SoCal range and get in some great riding.  Northern California was the destination this time and I was not disappointed.   My buddy Cris from AZ Nomad Adventures had expanded his tour offerings for this year and invited me along for "The Ride".   After the great time I had last year on his Summer in AZ tour, it took virtually nothing to get me to sign up for another mountain biking romp. Unlike last year which came together rather quickly, this was planned pretty far out.   With all this time, I setup an extended stay in Norcal after the tour for some additional play time in Downieville.  Here are my rambling thoughts and pictures from a most excellent break from Southern California.
Lake Tahoe Pan
images/Trails/Norcal07/SantaCruz-RedwoodSunrise.jpg Day One - Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz


           Day Two - Soquel Demonstration Forest
Day Three - Hole In The Ground, Truckee
Day Four - Tahoe Rim, Flume and Chimney Beach
Day Five - Downieville - The Classics
Day Six - Downieville - Rock Star Shuttle Epic
Day Seven - Downieville - Lakes Basin - Mt Elwell