Mountain Bike Bill, Get the Dirt on the Dirt

Copper Canyon, Mexico - Batopilas

Day Six – In and Around Batopilas.

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-03.jpgimages/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-05.jpg    Today was supposed to be an out and aback to the small town of Cerro del Colorado which is up an adjourning finger canyon.  We got off to a late start and it was getting quite hot.  After pedaling out of town we dropped into the riverbed for a bit until we connected with a very old road that had become a de facto singletrack. This trail was quite rocky and technically challenging in spots as it undulated along the steep canyon side next to the river. 


images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-08.jpgimages/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-06.jpg    For a while the trail also followed along a stone aqueduct that was built around 1860 to support the town and the mining operations.   We never made it all the way out to Cerra del Colorado as we knew we would be end up spending the hottest part of the day out in the sun so instead we opted to “session” on bits of the technical singletrack we had already ridden up to this point. 



images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-01.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-02.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-13.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-14.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-15.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-16.jpg

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-07.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-11.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-04.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-09.jpg

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-10.jpgimages/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-12.jpg   You see all sorts of critters while riding around the trails.  The bull pictured here was rather intimidating standing in the middle of the trail.  Kevin, Andy, and I sacked up and decided who would go first like manly men.  I was the first person out in rock, paper and scissors so I had to run the gauntlet first.  I did get my revenge on the fellows by smacking this bull on the ass as I went by!   I did hear some superlatives behind me as I pedaled off.  I wish I could have seen their faces!


images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-37.jpgimages/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-35.jpg   Before returning back to the hotel we crossed over the river to check out the ruins of the Shepard Hacienda.  Alexander Shepard is credited with being the primary benefactor and developer of Batopilas who brought about a prosperous period of silver mining to this area.  The ruins are of not only his hacienda but the mine main offices as well.  It is an interesting and picturesque place to spend and hour or so snooping around in.   The people who run the place now will squeeze you for some pesos but it is worth it.

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-17.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-18.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-19.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-20.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-21.jpg

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-33.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-36.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-38.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-39.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-34.jpg


images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-22.jpgimages/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-46.jpg      After a little nap around lunchtime, I spent the afternoon walking through town with my camera taking in the buzz of people and the spirit of this place. The ornamental work of the lampposts and the benches in the town square were quite detailed and show some definite craftsmanship.   That afternoon I had not a care in the world other than making sure I did not miss dinner.  That evening we had another delicious meal.  We followed this up with a couple hours of idle chit-chat with the locals and a few federales in the town square.  This was the closest I got to having a late night on this trip and I'm sure I was asleep by 10pm.

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-26.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-23.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-44.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-27.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-24.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-28.jpg

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-29.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-30.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-31.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-32.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-25.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-45.jpg

images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-41.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-42.jpg    images/Trails/CopperCanyon/CopperCanyonMX-OCT05-Day6-Batopilas-43.jpg

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