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Copper Canyon Mexico - Traveling to Creel

Getting There

Pictures from along the way to CreelPictures from along the way to CreelThe trip unofficially started with getting ourselves to El Paso Texas.  Getting all your stuff into bike luggage box can be quite tricky with the layers of foam and various bits of disassembly that you must perform.  Once I got everything in my box it looked like an overstuffed triple-decker club sandwich.  After plenty of strap pulling, nudging and squeezing I got the box closed up and was ready to go.  

Pictures from along the way to CreelPictures from along the way to Creel    After flying from San Diego to El Paso we spent the afternoon putting our bikes together and socializing.  My bike spent the rest of the evening leaning against the wall of my hotel room.  As I started to fall asleep I could almost hear my bike asking “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? When can I ride, huh? huh? huh?

Day One of the Tour

Pictures from along the way to Creel Pictures from along the way to Creel   We started bright and earlier with our trip leader and GeoJourney's owner, Blair meeting us at our hotel in El Paso, Texas a little after 6AM.  After getting all of our gear packed, we were soon crossing the border into Juarez, Mexico.   It did not take too long to escape the industrial clutches of the city and into open country side.   We went through semi-arid flatland, rolling farmlands and eventually into the scenic Sierra Madre Mountains.  The trip to Creel was a nice “tour” on its own and it gave us all a chance to get to know our riding cohorts a little better.   Only one small bird had to die for us to make it safely into interior of Mexico.  We arrived into the wonderful rustic town of Creel late in the afternoon.  While the town has a little bit of the tourist thing going, it for the most part has an Pictures from along the way to Creelold west charm Pictures from along the way to Creelabout it.  We stayed in a wonderful lodge that had all of the amenities you would expect in the US and then some.   We had a very good  meal that evening at the lodge in addition to a couple (or five) rounds of tequila to toast the start of our adventure.  Most of us were done for the night shortly there after.

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