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Here are some of the organizations that are helping to keep the trail information, pictures and videos coming your way.  None of the folks are strangers and I have personally used their stuff for some years now. So download one of my every increasing large videos and check out these folks while you are waiting.  

Bike Bling is located in Escondido, is not only a North County San Diego bike shop, they are also a large online retailer with a massive selection. Staffed with a dedicated group of cyclists paired up with one of the largest facilities in the county, you are sure to find some goodies that you just can't live without in their new 10,000 square foot facility. From helmets to shoes they have you covered from head to toe with a huge selection to choose from. Some of the bike brands they carry include: Banshee, Foes, Ellsworth, Intense, Brixton, Chumba, Knolly,Lynskey, Niner, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Transition, Ventana, Yeti and more.

Local & International: 1.760.317.5450
Toll free: (800)BIKEPRO
Fax: (760) 317.5455
  Email/Phone Hours
Weekdays 9:00am-7:00pm
(Pacific Standard Time)
Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm
Closed Sunday
Shop Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
(Pacific Standard Time)
Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm
Closed Sunday
Check out just a fraction of some of the goods at the 10,000 sq ft BikeBling facility.




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Xyclone Discs.  I have been riding the crap out a set of these ultra-lightweight wheels  since 2003 and they are still going strong even after 6,000+ miles of trail riding.  Wither coming down from the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan or dealing with the gnarlyness of Southern California's Noble Canyon these wheels have just plain performed and have proven to be a worthy investment.  

I am quite stoked with Spinergy as a supporter.   I have been riding their MTB wheels since 2003 and have been thoroughly impressed with their wheels. All of their wheels I have used have outstanding performance. and amazing durability. Pair all of that up with exceptional customer service.

  Fall Line FR/DH Wheels.   I been using these wheels on my long-legged "play" bike since May 2006 and quite simply these wheels wheels hold up to some serious abuse.  They are exceptionally light for the burly factor they have and the wide rims gives just about any tire a wider footprint.  I have not had a single issue with these wheels including even minor truing.  

Xyclone Enduro. These all-mountain wheels are an awesome addition to the Spinergy wheel lineup. They strike a wonderful balance between the burliness of a FR/DH wheel and the lightness of XC race worthy wheelset. These wheels have been taken some good abuse and are holding up great. The rims are a little wider than the Xyclone disc and the spoke pattern uses fewer but larger strokes to keep the weight extremely light while adding strengh.



Image Showing Website PartnersImage Showing Website PartnersImage Showing Website PartnersImage Showing Website PartnersImage Showing Website Partners
A few pictures showing these wheels. All of my videos since 2003 have been shot while riding on Spinergy Wheels


Advertiser Affiliates

I have setup affiliate advertising programs with a few companies. When you buy stuff from these folks (by way of this site), they will donate a small portion of the sale to help support the site. So please keep that in mind the next time you go to drop some coin online.

REI has been a leader in the outdoor industry since 1938. They also have been a huge supporter of the San Diego Mountain Biking Association. In 2010 they awarded SDMBA a $10K grant to do good things for mountainbiking in San Diego. It was their largest grant to a non-profit organization to-date. They are supporting your local trails so give them your support.

JensonUSA also carries ton of parts bicycle parts, accessories and clothing. Some of the brands they carry are SRAM, Shimano, Avid, Adidas, Camelbak, Fox, Giro, RockShox, Easton, and more.

There is a lot of stuff offered by the National Geographic Online Store. The main products I use from them are the TOPO! California map software as well as theirAdventure Paper Series (Both the Legal Size and Tabloid Size that allows you to print waterproof and tear resistance maps on regular inkjet printers.