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Blowhard Mountain

Cedar Breaks National Monument from the Blowhard trail

This killer technical downhill trail drops 3,330 feet in 7 miles. The upper third of this trail is the most technical. This upper section is not a MTB Park style downhill trail. This a steep control your brakes carefully while navigating small drops, roots and loose rocks on a typically narrow line. Once you are below this section the trail mellows quite a bit with some extremely picturesque sections. There was one turn to a long view where "The Sound of Music" popped into my head. While the upper section is what gives this trail its black diamond rating don’t let the "More Mellow" sections fool you. Due to the grade, you can carry a lot of speed putting a premium on precision of decision making. The technical factor ramps up again near the bottom. 

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Blowhard: 7 mi  (319'▲, 3,330'▼): GPX Long Trailforks Long Ride
Other Awesomeness: Bunker Creek and Blowhard

Hazards: The upper section of this trails is exceptional techncial requiring precise brake control is very steep, rooty and sometimes loose terrain. The middle section is less intense and the very bottom get technical again.

Trailhead Directions:
  • Upper TH: At junction FR277 and FS3241 off of HWY 148 south of Cedar Breaks National Monument.drections
  • Lower TH - UT14: This is a dirt pull out on the side of HWY 14 at the bottom of the trail.drections

Shuttle Options: Dark Hollow, Bunker Creek and Blowhard Mountain trails are typically shuttle routes. There are three main shuttle services out of Brain head. I have only used Georg's Bike and Ski Shop.

After riding the "Big Three" Shuttles out of Brainhead (Blowhard, Dark Hollow and Bunker Creek I have a few thoughts on the logistics of the shuttling. You can certainly knockout all three but you are looking at a full day. I don't know about all of the shuttle services but Georg's can do all three for you but you need to coordinate at least a day before. If you do not have a pressed schedule I would pick two of the three for a single day's effort. Better yet, do one and enjoy more hammock and beer time. Blowhard is a great option as your last ride in the area as you are nearly back in Cedar City at the bottom of the trail.


Ohh Yeah!

Fueling up for the day
Views along the morning "commute"
Georg's Ski and Bike in Brianhead

They will do the climbing so you dont have to!

You will do some mild climbing at the start of this trail

You will notice the 10,600' elevation

Brianhead and Cedar Breaks from the Blowhard Mountain Trail
The upper section

Video Grab..I did not take enough pictures

Kodiak Moment
About half way down the trail

Views from rolling down the trail

After the ride, I chilled around camp for the rest of the day and decided that the following day would day would be a rest day.

Check out my Day 21 Rest Day that included some Indian Rock Art.