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NOTE: I am in the process of overhauling this page as it has become a bit unweildly to keep undated in this manner. Please use the search feature in my blog and type in the name of the trail you are interested in and it should provide you what my latest is on the trail system you are interested in. s

So just in case your wondering exactly how old some of these reviews are here you go.   Most of the these listings reflect when I last updated the page, but it is meant to show when I last checked that the review was still relevant.  For example, I have not updated the Daley Ranch page since 2003, but I have ridden Daley in 2006 and I think the maps and descriptions are still good to go.  Some pages like the Sea Otter Classic will never be updated since it was a road trip story not a how-to review.  With the exception of the San Diego Trails page, I generally do not post information that changes often like rain closures, fire threat closures, etc...    When in doubt, try going for a ride :-)


2008 2007 2006 2005
La Costa Chilao - Silver Moccasin Hollenbeck Canyon Oriflamme Canyon Loop
Palm Canyon Epic The Goat Trails Joplin Del Mar Mesa
Daley Ranch San Clemente/Rose Canyon Flightline Mission Trails
Elfin Forest Arizona in Winter 2007 Cuyamaca Trails Utah - Colorado Roadtrip
Noble Canyon Sedona AZ 2007 Flagstaff, AZ Black Mountain (Ramona)
Tour de Noble Black Canyon, AZ The Cannell Plunge Blue Ridge "D"
San Juan Trail Fantasy Island, Tucson AZ The Freeman Creek Trail Copper Canyon, MX
Calvera Lake 50 Year Trail, Tucson - AZ The Summit Trail - 31E14 24hrs in the Old Pueblo, AZ
Simpson Park Santiago Truck Trail/Luge Broken Mesa, UT  
Trabuco Canyon Golden Eagle Arizona Summer 06 2004 and Earlier
West Horsethief Black Star/Silverado Grand Canyon, AZ Oat Hill, Calistoga
Bell Ridge Loop Lake Poway Sedona, AZ Tenaja Truck Trail
Nate Harrison Grade Mt Woodson Harding Truck Trail Skyline Park, Napa
South Mountain, Phoenix - AZ Holy Jim Thomas Mountain - Ramona Trail Carrizo Gorge
AZ08 - SoMo -Day 1 Lake Tahoe Gooseberry 2006 Hawaii
AZ08 - SoMo -Day 2 Cuyamaca-Noble Loop Santa Rosa and Toro Peak Black Mountain (RB)
AZ08- White Tanks San Gabriel Mts - Condor Peak The CowboyTrails, Las Vegas NV Philippines
Anderson Truck Trail Norcal 07 Trip Indian Truck Trail All Japan Trails
The Santa Luz Loop Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve Martha's Grove/Sycamore Canyon North Shore Vancouver, BC
Iron Mountain   Nevada-Utah Road trip 06 Victoria BC
South Lake Hodges   Palm Canyon - Pinyon Loop Lake Morena
Utah- Colorado Roadtrip 2008   White Mountains, AZ Gifford Pinchot NF, WA
Wilder Ranch     El Moro/Crystal Cove
Santa Margarita River     Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
Sweetwater     Sea Otter Classic
Santa Ana River Trail     Whiting Ranch
Laguna Mountains     Aliso-Wood Canyon
Idyllwild     Matzalan, Mexico
Hurkey Creek      
Cowles Mountain/Pyles Peak      
Wissahickon, Philadelphia      
San Clemente Singletrack      
Mt Pinos